Iron Man game officially announced! You will feel what it is like to be Iron Man


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Appears many times on the big screen Demir Adam, is listed as one of Marvel Comics’ most beloved characters. Recently, a rumor has emerged that excited the fans of this character. This rumor stated that Electronic Arts (EA) would release an Iron Man game.

Today came some good news and the highly anticipated Iron Man game was officially announced. Electronic Arts (EA) has announced in an official statement that it is working on a game that will focus on the beloved character. In the statements, the game is a Canada-based game studio affiliated with EA. Motivation Studio It is said to be developed by:

Let players feel what it’s like to be Iron Man

In the statements of Electronic Arts, the game developed in conjunction with Marvel and Motive, “A single player action adventure game for third parties’ was defined as. Your production is also featured in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Olivier Proulx It was stated that it will be developed by a team led by Motive Studio has previously appeared with popular games such as Star Wars: Squadrons, Star Wars: Battlefron II. The studio is also working on a Dead Space game that will be released in 2023.

Proulx said of the game: “It is a privilege and an honor to have the opportunity to create games based on one of the entertainment world’s most iconic superheroes. We have a great opportunity to create a new and unique story.” used his statements. According to EA statements, the new game is the real identity of the superhero. To the charisma and genius of Tony Stark while placing players To fully feel what it is like to be Iron Man. it will work.

While it’s stated that the production we’re eagerly awaiting is in its early stages, there are no details on things like the release date and story details.

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