GTA 6 Videos Start A Nonsense Controversy In The Gaming World: Why Are The Graphics So Bad? [Video]


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Video game enthusiasts have been waiting for the latest game from Rockstar Games’ iconic game series GTA for the past few days. GTA 6They are focused on. So much so that the game we’ve been talking about for years is recently a big leak exposed. Images from the development phase of the game leaked and these images caused a great deal of discussion among the players. So much so that many people take the images literally”shame‘ because the GTA 6 footage in development had a fairly simple structure and there were some obvious bugs that stood out.

All this sparked a new discussion in the game world. Leaked images of GTA 6 real was it unsuccessful?? Or will all AAA games look like this during development? With the developers’ involvement in this discussion, it became clear how unnecessary the discussion was. Because while other popular games were in development, they looked as simple as GTA 6 and were full of bugs. Let’s play some games together images in development Let’s take a closer look at that.

Here are some games in development

*A leaked image of GTA 6

One of the names involved in the discussion, who couldn’t get enough of an award after being published. CHECK‘s developers. The game’s chief designer, Paul Ehreth, said CONTROL was mostly because of the graphics. received an awardHe said the graphics were far from final in the early stages. A CONTROL official also shared a video.

Here is the video on the shared development phase for CONTROL:

Here is the last state of CONTROL:

It was released in recent months by a group of independent developers and got full marks from the players. Cult of the Lamb was also involved in the discussions. The developers, who made a video with a comparison, shared the final version of the game in development. Just like CONTROL in Cult of the Lamb there was a huge difference.

Shared that video for Cult of the Lamb

Turn-based tactics game with a serious fan base Frozen synapse the developers were also among the names who took part in the discussion. The developers, who shared a photo, revealed the state of the game in development.

Shared image for Frozen Synapse:

The developers of Sea of ​​​​Thieves, whom we met in 2018, in 2014 They shared a video of their condition. Looking at the shared video, we can see that the game in 2014 was not what it is today. that you don’t see we testify.

This is what Sea of ​​​​Thieves looked like in 2014:

This is what Sea of ​​​​Thieves looks like today:

So far, we’ve talked about games designed with imaginary images. However, this is not the case. For example the interactive game released a few months ago immortality. The game, which contains real images, is very strange and even a bit under development. it looked funny

Pictures of Immortality’s development and final stages:

Here’s a video of God of War’s development phase:

A video from Riot Games explaining Valorant:

As you can see above, the best games and minor games were in a very different state when they were in development. That’s why we don’t have to complain about GTA 6’s graphics just by looking at the leaks. It is likely that we will find many things to complain about when the time comes.

Everything we can learn about GTA 6 about the leak:

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