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One last nostalgia while waiting for GTA 6: GTA Characters’ “Wow!” 25 years of evolution

Grand Theft Auto games are the games we used to play in our childhood and some of us keep playing It consists of a large collection. Some are Vice City, others San Andreas. Whichever game of the series we like, the question we ask the most even when buying a computer: Does it remove GTA 5?

The GTA series is generally collected under two different main titles: main and side series. Most of the games we all know and love are in the main series and feature a lot of characters. Today, dating from GTA 6 we go on a journey exploring the characters that have caught our attention in the main series of GTA.

Grand Theft Auto, the first game of the legendary series, gave us the opportunity to play with different characters before 5. (1997)

In Grand Theft Auto, which we play from the highest angle, we can play 3 different cities and 8 different main characters there is. We are sure that the names of these cities will all sound very familiar to you. Vice City, San Andreas and Liberty City, which we saw in the next games of the series, are the cities we saw in the first game of GTA.

The names of our characters that you have seen above that can be considered successful according to that period are; Travis, Mikki, Katie, Divine, Bubba, Troy, Ulrika and Kivlov. In a way that we are not used to in GTA games, we can play by choosing one of these characters in the first game. naturally from a bird’s eye view Since we’re playing, we can’t see most of these characters.

Our main characters are not 1, but 8 of them.

gta 1 characters

Our non-player NPC characters are also diverse.

El Burro

gta 1 tbsp burro

Samuel Deever

gta 1 samuel deever

Uncle Fu

gta 1 uncle fu

Brother Marcus

gta 1 brother marcus

Robert Seragliano

gta 1 robert seragliano

The first game where our star level rose while escaping the police: Grand Theft Auto 2! (1999)

gta 2

Our main character, Claude Speed, may sound familiar to you. Claude with his style, attitude and face type He’s very similar to Tommy Vercetti, one of the most beloved characters we’ll see in the later games of the series.

In this game, we play the characters almost without seeing them as Rockstar Games doesn’t give up from a bird’s eye view. However, with this game, perhaps one of the most important details that make GTA GTA has been added to the series: with star system Screen.

The main character of GTA 2: Claude Speed!

gta 2 claude speed

Unfortunately, non-player (NPC) character images are only available for Game Boy.

gta 2 characters

Unfortunately, because GTA 2 is played from a bird’s eye view and has not reached many players, there are not many images of the characters in the game.

The first game where GTA became GTA… (2001)

gta 3

What we see in two main games in a row in the GTA series single character As Claude, he will go down in history with this game. Because this is not the only detail that writes its name in history. With GTA 3, Rockstar Games gives players more freedom of movement and replaces the bird’s eye view with three-dimensional graphics.

Also the series first ‘voice’ game The name El Burro, which we encountered in the first game of GTA 3, reappears. Of course, El Burro in the first game and the character in this game are not the same person. However, there is no denying that they are quite similar in type and character.

The character we first played in 3D is again Claude.

gta 3 claude

Let’s take a closer look at our NPCs.


gta 3 catalina

Maria Latore

gta 3 maria latore


gta 3 miguel

El Burro

gta 3 el burro

GTA Vice City, who gave us all a haircut in the helicopter mission. (2002)

GTA Vice City

Undoubtedly one of the most played games of the GTA series; Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The game was so popular in our country that GTA Vice City Turkish A mod was even made. Tommy was dressed in different sweaters.

The side characters in the game, which make many of us love GTA and make us all curious about the next game, are also interesting and interesting. it was unforgettable.

Tommy Vercetti is of course also one of the most beloved main characters.

gta vice city tommy

But our side characters were just as memorable.

Sonny Forelli

gta vice city sonny forelli

Ken Rosenberg

gta vice city ken rosenberg

Lance Vance

gta vice city Lance Vance

Mercedes Cortez

gta vice city mercedes cortez

Ricardo Diaz

gta vice city ricardo diaz

We played a black character for the first time in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. (2004)

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

In the game, where we first saw many innovations, we were able to customize our character CJ (full name Carl Johnson) in several ways. For example; When we exercise, our character muscles when we go out or eat too much our belly can happen.

But our San Andreas protagonist suffered a similar fate as Tommy. With a variety of mods CJ has changed in many things. Even for Recep İvedik… What about our side characters?

Our main character, CJ…

gta san andreas cj

What about our minor characters? They were also legends.

Cesar Vialpando

Cesar Vialpando San Andreas gta

Melvin Harris (Big Smoke)

Melvin Harris (Big Smoke) GTA San Andreas

Frank Tenpenny

gta san andreas frank tenpenny

The truth

gta san andreas the truth

Mad Dogg

gta san andreas mad dogg

Let’s come to our heroes in GTA 4, one of the most talked about games of the series… (2008)


One of the most criticized games was undoubtedly GTA 4. With its graphics and gameplay mechanics While it moved the series forward, the gloomy weather in GTA 4 didn’t please players very much.

Unlike the heroes we’ve seen before, Niko has more stern facial features. In addition a soldier He is also quite tough because of his character. Despite the criticism of GTA 4, the new main character Nico did not receive much criticism.

Our main character, Nico Bellic, managed to add a new suspense to the series.

gta 4 niko bellic

In the side characters we encountered in GTA 4, we also saw the relationships of relatives.

Roman Bellic, Niko’s cousin:

roman bellic

Mallorie Bardas Bellic

gta 4 malorie ballas bellic

Patrick McReary

Patrick McReary Gta 4

Francis McReary

gta 4 francis mcreary

Johnny Klebitz

gta 4 johnny klebitz

Let’s go to GTA 5, which has reached millions of players around the world. (2013)


Rockstar Games surprised us all with this game 3 different main characters at once released a game that we can play. The GTA game, which we can play online for the first time, has reached millions of users around the world and managed to break sales records.

Our main characters have completely different personalities and lifestyles. For example; Michael DeSanta when he was a rich robber, to Franklin as we pass we fight for life in a makeshift house. In the online mode we have the opportunity to create a variety of characters.

Our expert bank robber with family problems: Michael De Santa.

gta 5 michael

Our retired airplane pilot and Michael’s old friend: Trevor Philips.

gta 5 trevor

Our other main character, who crosses Michael’s path, is Franklin Clinton.

gta 5 franklin

Of course, there are just as many NPCs in GTA 5, which has many main characters.

Lester Crest

gta 5 lester crest

Dave Norton

gta 5 dave norton

Lamar Davis

gta 5 lamar davis

Steve Haines

gta 5 steve haines

Amanda De Santa

gta 5 amanda de santa

Let’s come to the long-awaited GTA 6…

We are all waiting with great curiosity for GTA 6. In recent days, many claims have been made that will increase our excitement, and a few rumors have been confirmed by Rockstar Games. As far as we’ve heard, Rockstar Games is preparing to do something it hasn’t done with GTA 6 so far.

Looking at all the games mentioned above, we haven’t played with a female character in any of them except the first GTA game. We can’t even say we played in the first game. Because in the first game we can’t even see much of what our character looks like.

According to the GTA 6 leaks, we have been able to get a partial idea of ​​what our characters look like.

One of our two male characters looks young and the other looks a little more middle-aged.

gta 6

gta 6

gta 6

As for the female character…

gta 6

When we look at all these images, some of the characters in particular take us to another time and we go back to the time we played that game. Besides, as we experienced emotional moments, we saw again where Rockstar Games brought GTA.

So what do you think of these images? What is your favorite GTA game and character? Let’s meet in the comments…

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For leaks about GTA 6:

You can find our video on the evolution of GTA games here:

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