Taliban bans PUBG in Afghanistan for ‘inciting violence’


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Taliban, took over the administration of Afghanistan in 2021 and was on the agenda of the whole world. Since then, new bans have been imposed on those living in the country. The information released last August is that the administration has been in the country for the past year. 23 million websites ‘immoral content’ He revealed that he was therefore suspended. Now a new ban has come from the group that controls the country.

Taliban is a multiplayer action game that has millions of users around the world with its new sayings. PUBG: Battlefields announced that it was banned in Afghanistan. It was stated that the new ban, which was adopted after a meeting between authorities in the country, will come into effect in the next three months.

PUBG banned for inciting violence

The Taliban originally requested the ban on PUBG in April. However, the details and timeline became clear with the decision taken today. Popular game according to the descriptions, ‘misleading the younger generation’, ‘inciting violence’ and ‘wasting time’ banned for reasons such as: To enforce the ban on Afghan telecommunications companies and Internet services 90 days there will be a time. Let’s also mention that the ban will focus on the mobile version of PUBG.

PUBG was very popular both in Afghanistan and around the world. According to the data obtained in early 2021, the game will play simultaneously up to 100,000 players a significant portion of the country’s mobile internet traffic.

TikTok is also banned in the country

Besides the PUBG ban, it is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. to TikTok is banned in the country. According to the decision taken during the meeting, companies must block the short video platform. one month there will be a time.

Source: Web Tekno

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