First GTA, now this: Diablo 4 gameplay leaked!


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Sunday, September 18 was a historic day in the gaming world. A user in GTAForums, where GTA lovers gather, Pictures of GTA 6 leaked. While sharing creates a global agenda, so does Rockstar. fix the leak shared a statement. But that wasn’t the only major leak that happened on the same day.

In the shadow of the GTA 6 leak, another huge leak has appeared. A user on Reddit, the new game of the Diablo series, which is expected to be released in 2023 and has not yet been introduced. Shared Diablo 4 gameplay video. This video, which lasted more than 50 minutes, was claimed to be from the test version of the game.

Leaked gameplay video of Diablo 4:

Diablo 4 video featuring almost the full version of the game, Blizzard’s’Friends and family Alpha test‘ was obtained in the process. The fact that this leak didn’t create as much agenda as GTA 6 was, of course, due to Blizzard showing off the game’s gameplay before. But the video still managed to create a sensation. Blizzard has yet to make a statement on the subject.

The official gameplay video shared from Diablo 4 was as follows:

In this 40 minute video combat system, atmosphere and missions We got the chance to take a look. Of course, let’s underline whether this video represents the full version of the game. With the leaks of GTA 6 and Diablo 4, there was only one question in players’ minds: when is Half-Life 3 coming?

Source: Web Tekno

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