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Xbox announces plans for the future: everyone from different platforms, with different hardware can play together!

Although Turkey is proving its side with the PlayStation over the console, the popularity of the Xbox is starting to increase day by day. Aware of this popularity, Xbox brought Xbox Gamepass to our country at a very affordable price and announced that it would not increase these prices.

Xbox CEO Phil Spencer in an interview at the Tokyo Game Show event Xbox’s plans for the future told. If their plans are successful, it looks like Xbox could raise the bar in console competition.

Xbox strives for everyone to play together, regardless of hardware or platform

Speaking at the Tokyo Game Show, Spencer said that players from different parts of the world can play games with each other. There are obstacles such as hardware and platforms. stated. According to Spencer, Xbox wants to remove these barriers.

“We want to unblock people with physical disabilities so that everyone from all over the world can play and communicate together, no matter what kind of equipment they have, and with the option of simultaneous interpretation.”

In early 2022, Microsoft introduced many kinds of new adaptive controller devices. Thanks to these devices, people with physical disabilities can play games like the rest. And that’s exactly what Xbox is aiming for.

With the new instant translation technology developed by Microsoft and the adaptive controller devices we mentioned above, Xbox aims to maximize accessibility. So, on another continent, being good friends with someone whose language you don’t speak and play games with people you never thought you would meet You can broaden your horizons by exchanging ideas.

What do you think of Xbox’s accessibility goals? Please don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Source: Web Tekno


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