Virtual Reality mode has arrived in Half-Life 2: and it’s free! [Video]

half-life Although the series has been one of gamers’ favorites for a long time, Valve, who has never released a third game, has split this series in half and played it with virtual reality goggles afterwards. Half-life: AlyxHe had taken it out. If you enjoyed exploring the world of Half-Life in virtual reality, a mod has been created especially for you.

Source VR Mod Team A new Half-Life 2 mod developed by the fan team took its place in the Steam workshop for free. The feature of this mode is that you can play the game from the computer screen. virtual reality glasses to wear.

You’ve never “seen” Half-Life 2 like this

While the new mode is currently in open beta, Half-life 2 It allows to experience the single player mode from start to finish in virtual reality. VR Mod Team’s source, Featured in Half-Life: Alyx It can be seen that he used a lot of features to modernize Half-Life 2 and modernize the game. For example, weapons can be changed in the same way as in the game released in 2020.

Other changes associated with virtual reality include new optional laser sightover-the-shoulder ammunition, manual reloading and double use of weapons is located. This mode even offers room-sized movement. The developer team, on the other hand, says that the development process is not yet complete, but that does not detract from the enjoyment of the players. Fashion comments are also very positive.

like Black Mesa Half-life 2: VR mode It was actually a long wait. First announced in 2017, the project was quietly progressing through 2021.

How to download VR mod?

To use the mod, first Has the original version of Half-Life 2 You have to be the game and download. After that, you can go to the Steam page by clicking here and have the VR mode in Half-Life 2 by pressing the ‘Install Now’ option.

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