YouTube videos from games like FIFA, Spider-Man threaten your personal data and crypto wallets: Warning coming


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Kaspersky researchers are widely used as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Opera. target web browsers discovered that malware was spreading. Widely used in spanning files and steal user data many different malware is located. The software, which is distributed in the form of a RAR archive, is shared on YouTube in a very interesting way.

malware, YouTube such as FIFA, Final Fantasy, Forza Horizon, Lego Star Wars and Spider-Man. with videos of games to spread. YouTube game videos use methods to get the attention of the players to get the viewer to download files containing malware.

User data stolen with gameplay videos

Malware hosts many malicious things such as viruses, spyware, adware and ransomware that are designed to steal users’ data and damage computer systems. In a method discovered by Kaspersky cybersecurity experts, the distribution methods of this software are carried out in a way that can easily fool players.

Experts say the malware was found in gameplay videos shared on YouTube. in game tutorials, tricks and cracks discovered that it was spread by files like This is shared in the videos of very famous games. RAR files steals users’ data in an easy way.

User data and crypto wallets are at risk

data theft

In the report shared by experts, in addition to stealing user data, malware packages were also used that were shared in YouTube game videos. crypto wallets endanger software also contains. In addition, the report states that the malware package “download.exe“, “upload.exe” and “MakiseKurisu.exeIt was revealed that it contains three malicious executable files named ” and that it is an information thief that targets browsers to retrieve their cookies to store them locally.

Kaspersky investigation of malware attacks compared to first half of 2021 13% a increase revealed that. Victims of malware attacks between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022 384,000close to user turned out to be.

Experts warn users not to click on a link shared by channels they don’t trust.

Source: Web Tekno


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