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SUNSfan: If you couldn’t customize your profile without a compendium, I would definitely buy it

As part of the We Say Things podcast, Dota 2 commentator Shannon SUNSfan Scottan discussed the contents of the new compendium for the International 12 (2023) Championship.

SUNSfan said the most important part of the update for him was the ability to customize his profile. He was even willing to pay for this position:

I didn’t expect to see cosmetic items in the compendium, it’s not a surprise. The lack of a game mode is a huge disappointment for me. The absence of arcana and other things – I did not intend to receive them in the compendium. I think if they didn’t allow you to customize profiles without a compendium, I would definitely buy it. But this feature is free, so that’s the best part of the update for me.

Shannon SUNSfan Scottaan

Shannon SUNSfan Scottaan

On September 28, Valve released a compendium for TI12. Standard access costs 300 rubles and offers players various activities and rewards. Profile customization is available without a compendium.

Earlier it became known that a player from China spent more than 2.1 thousand dollars on the compendium – for this he received the 5000th level.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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