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Saksa: I have a little OCD, now I understand why everything happens

Professional player Martin Saksa Sazdov spoke about his mental health issues as part of the ‘We Say Things’ podcast.

The esportsman also shared his plans for the near future:

I have a little OCD. Now I understand why all this happens, why I can sometimes be obsessed with something. I’ve thought about this a lot. Initially I planned to take a break after TI 12. I thought after the tournament where we won. But I decided I could play another year. I don’t think I’m done with Dota 2 yet. Maybe I’ll play more, maybe not. I can just end my career. I do not know yet. I live in the moment, and then we’ll see. I have also made a number of other investments. I will be more involved in this. I plan to open a winery. Generally there are 3 companies. There will be something to do. Maybe I’ll play Dota 2 again. I don’t know.

Martin Saksa Sazdov

On September 6, esports team Tundra Esports announced changes to its Dota 2 roster. The announcement took place on the club’s social networks. Fourth position player Martin Saksa Sazdov left the roster.

TI12 takes place from October 12 to 29 at the LAN in Seattle, USA. Rumor has it that twenty teams from around the world will compete for at least $3 million in prize money.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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