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Pure~ o BB Dacha: we hardly trained

Professional BetBoom team player Ivan Pure~ Moskalenko shared his thoughts on the team’s performance at BetBoom Dacha during an interview on the DreamLeague Season 21 broadcast.

The eSportsman noted that the team hardly trained before the tournament:

Before the start of BetBoom Dacha, the team practically did not train. The tournament itself had quite a few random matches. Something was simply impossible to control if you hadn’t played for a month or even longer. Do you know that BB Team has not lost a single match? Three matches were drawn.

Ivan Pure ~ Moskalenko

Let us remind you that BB Team was eliminated from the tournament after the group stage, without gaining enough points to qualify for the play-offs. The team achieved a 7-8 place. At the same time, the team did not lose a single match.

The BetBoom Dacha champion was Gaimin Gladiators, who defeated TSM with a score of 3:1 in the final. For first place, the team received $150,000 in prize money.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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