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Dyrachyo talked about the atmosphere in Gaimin Gladiators

Professional Gaimin Gladiators player Anton dyrachyo Shkredov, as part of a commentary for Paragon Events, spoke about the team’s work ethic before the matches.

Just a normal work environment. If someone wants something, they immediately talk about it. For example, if they ask me to play with this hero or not to do something, then I try to think about it and not do it if the team doesn’t like it and somehow ruin the game. This is how we develop team play and calls, and this is how we win.

Anton Dyrachyo Shkredov

Previously, Gaimin Gladiators lost to Team Spirit in the group stage of DreamLeague Season 21. The fastest match was played in 37 minutes and 20 seconds. The next opponent will be OG.

DreamLeague Season 21 will take place from September 18 to 24 in an online format and all participants will be located somewhere in Europe. Twelve teams compete for one million dollars in prize money. You can find the schedule here.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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