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Malr1ne shared his emotions after Nemiga’s relegation to the second division

Nemiga Gaming Dota 2 midfielder Stanislav Malr1ne Potorak shared his emotions about his team’s relegation from the top division of the DPC league for Eastern Europe, especially for

The 18-year-old Russian esportsman shared how he feels after replays:

It’s a pity, but it doesn’t matter. I’ve already felt so many members in my mouth that somehow it doesn’t matter. Not the first and not the last time I lose.
In the first game against One Move, we played normally at the beginning, and then nothing happened and we just calmed down, lost touch with the game. Then HYDRA surprised us with Arc Warden with a last pick, but we also played lousy. Sanja [v1olent], it seems to me, generally hanging. There’s something to be said.

Stanislav Malrine Potorak

Marl1ne reviewed Nemiga Gaming’s progress in the DPC competition:

On the one hand, if you look at the growth of our team, we played better than before, but I’m not happy about that. Winning a card is not an achievement for me, a series is – that’s another story. What will happen next? After this, the qualifications for The International 12 will be shown.

Stanislav Malrine Potorak

In tie-breaks, Stanislav Malr1ne Potorak’s roster lost to HYDRA and One Move. Nemiga received $23,000 in prize money and exited the first division after UALEIKUMNIHAO, who finished last in the Eastern European DPC competition with $22,000.

Recall that 9 Pandas, BetBoom Team and Team Spirit were selected from the region on The Bali Major 2023. The Bali Major will take place from June 29th to July 9th. The top 18 teams in the world will compete for $500k in prize money and 3.5k DPC points needed to advance to The International 12 in October.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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