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Ceb on SumaiL: Watching Team Aster, this player is really really good

The professional player of the Old G roster Sebastian Ceb Debs appreciated the playing form of Team Aster member Said Samail SumaiL Hassan.

The two-time champion of The International was pleased with the skills of the cyber sportsman:

I watched Team Aster, just like SumaiL. This player is really very good. I feel like SumaiL hasn’t played badly for a long time. Fair is fair, he performs very well. As in Nigma Galaxy, although the team tried its best, it was SumaiL who was the X factor in many games.

Sebastian Ceb Debs

On May 8, it was announced that player Said Samail SumaiL Hassan will continue to play with Team Aster after ESL One Berlin Major 2023. The esportsman will play on the team until the end of The International 2023.

At the time of writing the news, Team Aster has already qualified for The Bali Major 2023. The SumaiL team lost only 1 map in 5 rounds of meetings at DPC 2023: Season 3 for China.

DPC 2023: Season 3 for China (liquipedia)

The first division of DPC 2023: Season 3 for China will run from May 16 to June 4 in an online format. Eight teams will compete for $205,000 in prize money, 1,150,000 DPC points and four tickets to the Major, which will be held in Bali from June 29 to July 9. Then, in October, Valve will host The International 12 (2023). The championship is hosted in Seattle, USA.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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