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Nix: If you remove someone from Team Spirit, then Mira and larl

Streamer Alexander Nix Levin spoke as part of a Twitch broadcast about potential changes to Team Spirit’s roster ahead of The International 2023.

The content creator noted that he would remove Miroslav Mira Kolpakov and Denis Larl Sigitov from the roster:

If Team Spirit doesn’t make it to The Bali Major 2023, then the team will definitely have replacements for TI. The position of Korb3n and management is such that there’s no point in going to The International if you can’t win it. Team spirit will not save the player just so as not to lose points. 100% the team will try to strengthen as much as possible, if necessary it will go through qualifications. If you remove someone, Mira and larl are.

Alexander Nix Levin

At the time of writing, Team Spirit is ranked third in the DPC 2023: Season 3 tournament series for Eastern Europe. The team has not lost a single match in 2 meeting rounds.

DPC 2023: Season 3 for Eastern Europe

The First Division of DPC 2023: Season 3 for Eastern Europe will run from May 14 to June 4 in an online format. Eight teams will play for $205,000 in prize money, 1.15,000 DPC points and three tickets to the Major, which will be held in Bali from June 29 to July 9. After that, Valve will host The International 12.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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