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SQreen on OG: The team plays extremely unstable on DPC and often loses lanes

Professional player Khaled sQreen El-Habbash shared his prediction for the first division games of DPC 2023: Season 3 for Western Europe as part of the Telegram channel.

The eSportsman noted that in the OG-Team Liquid pair, the first team plays unstable and often loses lanes:

OG plays extremely unstable, often loses jobs, but then sometimes comes back due to drafts. Immediately the team will play against Team Liquid, who will not forgive mistakes and will penalize 100% for lost lanes.

Khaled sQreen El-Habbash

Recall that the meeting between OG and Team Liquid started at 4:00 PM Moscow time. Teams play for tournament points needed to qualify for The Bali Major 2023.

The first division of DPC 2023:S3 for Western Europe will take place from May 15 to June 4 in an online format. Teams will compete for a $205,000 prize pool, 1,150 DPC points, and 4 The Bali Major 2023 slots.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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