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Collapse: now we try to play below the halfway line

Magomed Collapse Khalilov, a professional player on the Team Spirit Dota 2 roster, talked about what his team is working on as part of Alexander Nix Levin’s broadcast.

The esportsman noted that his team is changing the style of the game and adapting to the centerline player [Дениса larl Сигитова].

Now we’re rebuilding, let’s say, we’re trying to play more below the mid lane. Something strange has been going on with us lately. It’s just that rebuilding is going on, we’re trying to play more on larl. A lot now just depends on the middle players in the game, we now have all the supports below the middle. For example, in recent games we practice the frequent use of teleports. In particular, Ilyukha teleports to me to kill a support when the carrier leaves orbit.

Magomed collapse Khalilov

Thanks to the victory, Team Spirit successfully started the third season of the DPC competition with two victories. The team will fight for tournament points to qualify for The Bali Major 2023.


The First Division of DPC 2023: Season 3 for Eastern Europe will run from May 14 to June 4 in an online format. Eight teams will play for $205,000 in prize money, 1.15,000 DPC points and three tickets to the Major, which will be held in Bali from June 29 to July 9. After that, Valve will host The International 12.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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