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23savage: Filipinos are slowly spreading into teams like cancer

Carry of Talon Esports roster Nyengnara 23savage Tiramahanon talked about playing on a team with Filipino players as part of a Twitch broadcast.

The esportsman noted that if at least two such players appear on the team, the third and fourth will be coming soon:

I never want to play for an all-Philippine team again. If I was the manager of my own team and chose the players for myself, I would only take one Filipino, no more. I will not take 2 such players or more. If there are two, the third will eventually come. And so forth. They gradually spread like cancer. It is best not to let them have a say in choosing new players as they will only suggest other Filipinos.

Nyengnara 23wild Tiramahanon

Recall that Talon Esports took first place in the DPC 2023:S2 leaderboard for SEA. The 23savage team won 5 matches and didn’t lose a single map, also guaranteeing themselves a place at ESL One Berlin Major 2023.

Earlier, as part of a post-match interview, Offlaner of the HellRaisers roster Matvey MieRo Vasyunin spoke about the designs in the match against NaVi at DPC 2023:S2 for Eastern Europe.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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