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Puppy: NaVi vs. Alliance at TI3 was probably the best game I’ve ever played

Team Secret captain Clement Puppey Ivanov, as part of a Twitch broadcast on streamer Jean Gorgc’s channel, Stefanovsky recalled the most memorable match of his career on the Dota 2 pro scene.

The most hype was at The International 2013, at the Alliance match against NaVi. It was probably the best fight I’ve ever had. Alliance was constantly beating NaVi, and we… yeah, basically no one could beat them and counter this split push. It was damn annoying. By the way, then with the help of Sentry Ward it was possible to see how a person moves in Smoke of Deceit. So it was simply impossible to go ahead and do anything.

Clement Puppey Ivanov

Recall that at TI 2013, Puppey played for the NaVi roster. Ivanov’s team lost to Alliance in the grand final by a score of 2:3 on cards. On February 28, another former NaVi player Alexander XBOCT Dashkevich told how Jonathan Loda Berg’s team won The International 2013.

Previously, analyst and streamer Yaroslav NS Kuznetsov suggested that Valve developers lift the restriction on the purchase of Aghanim’s Shard until the 15th minute of a match in Dota 2.

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