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Korb3n: ESL rankings almost completely ignore DPC League 2023

Team Spirit manager Dmitry Korb3n Belov, as part of the Telegram channel, spoke about the rating of teams according to ESL.

The specialist noted that TO representatives are ignoring the DPC League 2023:

The ESL rating almost completely ignores the 2023 DPC competition, as the top 3 in level 2 of the BB Xmas Show tournament is higher than the top 1 in the EEU DPC season 1 team. At the same time, the major is highly rated as the team not last place. The rest of the ESL rating is curved and opaque. In the previous version, the TO had a trick: a non-competitive region did not receive rating points for tournaments and leagues in its own region. Therefore, Team Spirit received an invitation from ESL to qualify. The current version of the review looks good. Must be sanded. ESL can do it.

Dmitri Korb3n Belov

Recall that during DreamLeague Season 19, China, Southeast Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe (CIS) each got two slots, while North America got three quotas. In turn, five teams from Western Europe will participate in the tournament.

The $17 million ESL Pro Tour tournament series was announced on March 13. More information about the championships can be found here.

DreamLeague Season 19 will be held online from April 9-23. The top 16 teams from around the world will compete for a $1 million prize pool, as well as slots at the Riyadh Masters, which will give away $15 million.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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