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Maelstorm: Wouldn’t BB Team DreamLeague bring more hype?

Professional Dota 2 commentator Vladimir Maelstorm Kuzminov spoke about the invited teams at DreamLeague Season 19 in his personal Telegram channel.

Recall that among the teams from Eastern Europe, HellRaisers and Team Spirit were invited. BetBoom Team, who took first place in the DPC winter tour, was not on the list.

This is stupidity. You can say all you want that the BetBoom Team is to blame, that the tournament is commercial and can do whatever it pleases. And it is. In general, it is clear that it is unrealistic to win back $ 17 million in three tournaments and he will not suffer the loss of one team, his goal is in another. The main thing is hype. But wouldn’t BetBoom Team give more hype than Nouns or Execration? It was necessary to do at least one qualification, but to do it. For me personally as a viewer this is a huge loss.

Vladimir Maelstorm Kuzminov

DreamLeague Season 19 will be held online from April 9-23. The top 16 teams from around the world will compete for a $1 million prize pool, as well as slots at the Riyadh Masters, which will give away $15 million.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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