Antares: When I played Rubick, I took a cue from ALOHADANCE. Then I got addicted to Save-

HellRaisers Dota 2 roster support Vladislav Antares Kertman in an interview after beating Darkside at DPC 2023: Season 2 for Eastern Europe shared which pro players he followed to improve his game.

According to the esportsman, he initially followed Ilya ALOHADANCE Korobkin, and then started watching Vitaly Save-Melnik:

When I played Rubick, I initially watched ALOHADANCE – I took an example from him. And then I got addicted to Save-.

Vladislav Antares Kertman

According to Kertman, BetBoom Team, HR, Spirit and HYDRA go to the major from the region:

I think they will fly [из первого дивизиона] NaVi and Darkside. Four teams compete for the Major: BetBoom Team, us [HR]Spirit and HYDRA.

Vladislav Antares Kertman

HR had previously defeated Darkside 2-0 to earn their third Regional League victory. The Antares roster currently leads the first division of the DPC.

The First Division of DPC 2023: Season 2 for Eastern Europe will run from March 12 to April 2 in an online format. Eight teams compete for $205,000, 920 DPC points and three tickets to the Berlin Major.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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