Chuvash: Misha as a coach gives OG more energy

OG roster captain Evgeny Chuvash Makarov, as part of an interview on DPC 2023 for Western Europe, spoke about coach Mikhail Misha Agatov’s contribution to the team.

The esportsman noted that the change of roles benefited the team:

As a coach, Misha brings more energy to the team than I do as a mentor. I’m tired of this. So the reversal of roles refreshes the team.

Eugene Chuvash Makarov

At the time of writing, OG is ranked third in the Western European DPC 2023 range. The Chuvash team won 1 game out of 3 series of encounters.

Earlier, Daniil gpK~ Skutin, a member of the BetBoom Dota 2 team, wished Team Spirit the best of luck in the upcoming match at Dota Pro Circuit 2023 for Eastern Europe in his personal Telegram channel.

The first division of the second round of DPC 2023 for Western Europe will take place from March 13 to April 2 in an online format. Teams compete for $205,000, 920 DPC points and 4 slots in the Major.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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