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Ceb on retirement: I stopped feeling the fire filling me

Professional Dota 2 player Sebastian Ceb Debs explained in a Red Bull documentary why he decided to leave competitive Dota.

The esportsman noted that he no longer felt vivid emotions for the game, which motivated him to play Dota 2 endlessly.

The main reason for the end of my career was that I didn’t feel anymore. I stopped feeling the fire that filled me with power for a long time. After the end of my career, I experienced fear. This fear arose after questions about my personality. This is a very important question that I had to ask myself before making such a big decision in my life.

Sebastian Ceb Debs

Sebastian Ceb Debs is a legendary player of Dota 2. The esportsman has become the International Champion for OG Esports twice. Throughout his professional career, Sebastian has earned approximately $7 million in prize money.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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