SQreen talked about selling Virtus.pro

Professional Dota 2 analyst Khaled sQreen El-Habbash commented on the sale of Virtus.pro to new owners in his personal Telegram channel.

The former esports star put forward the theory that the buyers primarily wanted to improve the club’s results across all disciplines.

I just saw information about selling VP to new owners and immediately thought. What if they decide to improve results in all disciplines in the first place? Because I can’t say the previous owners were concerned about this, or they just couldn’t do anything. Otherwise, it’s hard to explain what’s happened to Dota 2 in recent years. So I entertain the thought, “VP’s new owners have come – they’ve put the disciplines in order.”

Khaled sQreen El-Habbash

Recall that earlier in its quarterly report, the Russian company VK announced the cost of sales of the cyber sports club Virtus.pro. The cost of the organization amounted to 174 million rubles. Note that the company’s net profit amounted to 13 million rubles,

Cybersport.Metaratings.ru was the first to report that Dukalis and Alexander Krylat Krylatov would be leaving VP. In addition, according to our information, it was known that Ilya Kiritych Ulyanov of Nemiga Gaming would become the team’s new carry.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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