NS: No one but you raises or lowers your rating

Analyst and streamer Yaroslav NS Kuznetsov talked about the MMR rating increase in Dota 2.

Caster compared the style of play of regular players and Team Spirit offlaner Magomed Collapse Khalilov:

I can’t understand people complaining that they can’t improve the rating in third position because their games are screwed up. Imagine Collapse playing instead of you. Will he manage to raise the rating? Or not? If so, the question will be removed. But maybe you can assume that Collapse will succeed. He just plays a lot better. However, you can not play like Collapse, but just a little better than now, and the rating will already grow. No one but you will raise or lower your rating – only you will. It’s about distance.

Yaroslav NS Kuznetsov

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Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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