Miposhka about DPC 2023: the result for Team Spirit is not too bad, despite 1 defeat

Team Spirit squad captain Yaroslav Miposhka Naydenov spoke as part of a club vlog on the YouTube channel about the results of the team’s performance in the first round of DPC 2023 for Eastern Europe.

The esportsman noted that the team missed training:

The DPC season ended for Team Spirit with 6 wins in 7 games. The result is not bad, despite 1 defeat. Still, we lost to a weak team. Team Spirit had tough matches with different teams and somewhere they could even lose. DPC 2023 went pretty well I think. Learned a lot, learned a lot, improvised a lot. I think Team Spirit came into the DPC competition in good shape. That is, the team achieved very good results in HF. We’ve beaten pretty good teams with confidence. But it turns out that Team Spirit had some problems at the start of the DPC competition. Somewhere there may have been a lack of preparation or just concentration, confidence. I don’t know why this is happening. Looks like Team Spirit should have moved in right away. But it turns out that the team gradually wins. We always do this in all tournaments and competitions. At first, Team Spirit somehow gets off to a slow start. Maybe we don’t have much faith. With experience, games-wise, you better understand which heroes you have more faith in, because the officials really show you what you’re better at and what you’re worse at. However, CV is not always an indicator.

Yaroslav Miposhka Naidenov

On January 29, BetBoom Team became the first division champion of DPC 2023: Season 1 for Eastern Europe by defeating Team Spirit. The Miposhka team moved up to the Major from second place in the table.

Previously, Team Spirit roster carrier Ilya Yatoro Mulyarchuk spoke about the release of a new patch for Dota 2.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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