ILTW reveals details of its Nigma Galaxy kick

Professional player Igor iLTW Filatov spoke as part of a Twitch broadcast about how he left Nigma Galaxy.

The esportsman noted that he himself asked the manager to buy him a ticket home:

How did I get kicked out of Nigma Galaxy? We lost hard to everyone. I got up and told the manager to buy me a ticket. I understood that everything was already. Either someone else gets kicked, or me. It was just impossible to play. I took the first step myself.

Igor ILTW Filatov

iLTW represented Nigma Galaxy from April 2021 to May 2022. Before that, the player played for, Team Spirit and OG. During his career, Filatov earned more than 300 thousand dollars.

Earlier, commentator Vladimir Maelstorm Kuzminov shared his prediction for the Team Spirit — HellRaisers first division match of DPC 2023 as part of the Telegram channel.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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