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FONBET MEDIA ELEAGUE will be held at the VK Play Arena

The upcoming fifth tournament FONBET MEDIA ELEAGUE will be the last in 2023 and will be held in 2 stages from October 2 to 7 in Moscow, Russia. The prize money is 2 million rubles.

Invited to the project: Nikita ANASTAZE Abramkin, Evgeny Aunkere Karyat, Ilya fANDER Bagreev, Alik Megarush Niftaliev, Dmitry Dimaoneshot Bandurka, Ivan StRoGo Shurpatov, Denis deko Zhukov, Sergey des0ut Grigoryan, Mark GUACAMOLEMOLLY Vaisov and others.

Team rosters will be announced live on the official Twitch channel FONBET MEDIA ELEAGUE during the draw on October 19.

The group stage of the fifth tournament will be held online on October 2 and 3. The top four teams make up the play-off round. The tournament’s playoff matches and grand finals will take place in LAN format on October 6 and 7 at VK Play Arena.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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