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ENCE coach commented on the team’s win at IEM Dallas 2023

Specially for, ENCE CS:GO team coach Eetu sAw Saha commented on his team’s win at IEM Dallas 2023.

The 30-year-old Finnish coach said his team’s players were ready to triumph:

I think we reached the final well prepared and ready to play. There was some tension and excitement, which is to be expected for the grand finale. However, it was clear that before the game everyone was determined to win and focused on their work to help the team win. I think this determination was visible in everyone’s eyes and helped us get to the finish line.
MOUZ are a good team and they had their moments in the game, but we just managed to execute our game plan well and we took individual victories in important rounds.

Eetu saw Saha

The ENCE coach also shared his thoughts on the IEM Dallas 2023 MVP:

SunPayus has taken huge strides to improve its craft. He was very good before he came to us, but he adapted very well to the international style of play and became more aggressive on the maps. I would say he has become a more holistic player in the game and mentally. I think there are no limits for him as long as he keeps working hard.

Eetu saw Saha

IEM Dallas 2023 took place from May 29 to June 4 at LAN in Dallas, USA. ENCE became the champion of the tournament, defeating MOUZ in the final with a score of 2:0. For first place, the SunPayus roster earned $100,000 in prize money and a slot at IEM Cologne 2023. The second finalist received $42,000.

According to the statistics of the HLTV portal, SunPayus was recognized as the most valuable player of the event. The Spaniard played 11 cards with an average rating of 1.27. His best card was Nuke against Complexity (1.80) in Group B, and his worst card was Mirage against FaZe (0.80) in the semis. This was Garcia’s first career MVP award.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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