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Heroic is in financial trouble as the club needs to raise $7.5 million

The Danish esports organization Heroic is in serious financial trouble.

The club must raise $7.5 million from investors by 2025 to continue. Information about this was shared by the Pley portal, citing club director Joachim Haraldsen’s own sources to shareholders.

The esports club needs about $1 million by the summer of 2023, according to a statement from a spokesperson for the organization. At the same time, on March 20, a meeting will be held in which the directors will discuss the current issues.

IEM Katowice 2023 was held from 1 to 12 February in Katowice, Poland. In the final, G2 defeated Heroic with a score of 3:1. For the first place, the team received 400 thousand dollars in prize money.

Recall that on March 7, information about an add-on for the shooter was found in the Dota 2 code. According to dataminers, this DLC is Source 2. Valve has not made any official announcements yet.

Previously, Natus Vincere player Alexander s1mple Kostylev said that esportsmen and streamers are not testing Source 2.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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