Possible Valve post announcing Source 2 found on CS:GO blog

A post was found on the official Counter-Strike: Global Offensive blog, confirming the upcoming update with the shooter’s transition to the Source 2 engine.

The find was reported by Reddit users. They found the post thanks to the Wayback Machine archive, which keeps previous versions of sites in its history.

You can read more about the recording here. The link leads to a delayed message titled “Counter-Strike 2 is out”. Note that there is no confirmation, so this may turn out to be fake.

The link appeared in the CS:GO blog story on March 15. It differs from other Valve publications and throws an error when you click on it, casting doubt on its authenticity.

Some Reddit users believe that the link throws an error because the developers resized links in honor of the transition from CS:GO to Source 2.

At this time, Valve has not yet officially announced the transition from CS:GO to Source 2. Some insiders denied the statements of their colleagues in the store that the update with the engine will be released in March 2023.

Previously, dataminer Maxim Gabe, follower Poletaev, said that Valve had registered the trademarks “CS2” and “Counter Strike”.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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