Due to the attack in Munich, German television will not broadcast the CS:GO final.

Citing the Munich tragedy, ProSieben MAXX Germany has decided not to broadcast Counter-Strike: Global Offensive games this weekend.

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Germany has always been known for its ambivalent relationship with video games, and the recent attack in Munich is likely to leave a lasting mark on German esports culture.

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Actually, the German broadcaster ProSieben MAXX was supposed to broadcast the final matches of the E-League Championship Counter-Strike: Global Offensive this weekend, but decided not to broadcast the show, citing the tragedy in the Munich shopping center. The decision drew a lot of criticism, including from media outlet Freaks4U, which contributed heavily to the show’s creation:

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“ELiga ended today and the channel will not air the last episode. I am very sad that we have been deprived of the opportunity to make a new audience fall in love with the sport.”

Of course, there is no lack of thanks for what has been achieved so far:

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“It was a great opportunity for us to represent German competitive sport on television and I am grateful to every viewer, especially those who helped us with valuable feedback.”

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It’s easy to jump to the naive conclusion that there is a clear link between Counter-Strike and shootings, and that’s exactly what the Bavarian State Police Chief did in his statement, citing Counter-Strike as the most common attribute used by mass shooting killers are shared. Federal Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maizière takes a similar view:

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“We cannot ignore the negative impact of violent celebrations and online shooting games on youth development.”

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We do a lot of research on the connection between gaming and violent behavior and have found no scientific evidence that there is a clear cause and effect relationship between the two. It is also very sad to see that after so much progress the gaming community has been dealt such a blow and that terror continues to have a huge impact on our culture. Hopefully, the next generation of leaders who have grown up completely in this culture will be much better at responding to such situations.

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