S1mple: electroNic is the MVP of the game against Team Spirit in ESL Pro League Season 17

Natus Vincere CS:GO sniper Alexander s1mple Kostylev spoke about winning over Team Spirit in the group stage of the ESL Pro League Season 17 Championship.

In an interview with the organizers of the event, s1mple stated that he considers NaVi captain Denis electroNic Sharipov to be the MVP of the competition:

I don’t think he [Perfecto] performed excellently. As a teammate, he played very well, winning shootouts. [Кого бы я выбрал MVP матча?] Don’t know. I think the whole team [этого заслуживает]. Actually, I think our current MVP is actually electroNic. We had a good streak on Ancient when we started coming back, and on Nuke as well. I think he deserved it.

Alexander s1mple Kostylev

In addition, Kostylev summarized NaVi’s performance in Group D and shared what the team needs to work on:

We played a lot of good games on the way to the playoffs. It’s good that we played more games to get in better shape. We need to play more maps to see bugs on the maps we didn’t have time to properly prepare for. For example on Anubis and some others. [У вас отличный перформанс на Nuke?] Yes, because we have practiced it a lot, because there is another team [G2] with a big win streak on it.

Alexander s1mple Kostylev

On March 18, NaVi defeated Team Spirit in the Group D lower bracket final with a score of 2:0. Thanks to this win, the s1mple roster advanced to the quarterfinals of the tournament’s playoffs.

Spirit, in turn, will continue to play in the EPL Season 17 Group Stage in the Last Chance Stage, where the losing teams will fight for the final slot in the playoffs.

ESL Pro League Season 17 runs from February 22 to March 26. 32 teams will compete for $850,000, as well as tickets to IEM Cologne 2023 and BLAST Premier: World Final 2023.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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