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Team Spirit introduced the female CS:GO roster

The esports organization Team Spirit has officially announced the opening of a CS:GO division for women.

Team spirit Woman consisted of Justina Tynka Dutska, Jamilya Jammie Alagozova, Leya xia Vagova, Svetlana suns1de Mevlid and Mirte Moraltis Horemans. Alexei Nevar Voronov became the coach of the team.

Team Spirit Female CS:GO Squad:

  • Justin Tynka Dutsk;
  • Jamila Jammie Alagozova;
  • Leya xia Vagova;
  • Svetlana suns1de Mevlid;
  • Mirte Moraltis Horemans.

Prior to joining Team Spirit, the five girls roster played in the CS:GO pro scene under the MVP tag. The next match for the team is one of the ESL Impact tournaments.

Previously, Spirit’s male roster lost to Natus Vincere in Season 17 of the ESL Pro League.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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