PARI named the favorite of the match NaVi – NiP at BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2023


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The Group C Semifinals will take place at BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2023 on January 25 at 5:00 PM Moscow time. Natus Vincere and Ninjas in Pajamas will fight in the match.

Analysts from the betting company PARI compared the odds of the opponents and identified the favorite. Specialists prefer Natus Vincere, you can bet on the team with odds of 1.57. The probability that Ninjas in Pajamas can retaliate is estimated at 2.41.

PARI customers are also confident in Natus Vincere’s victory. The team’s progress to the Group C Final accounts for approximately 90% of the total bet. The largest bet on the upcoming match is 135,231 rubles. The PARI client expects NaVi to win at odds of 1.58. The player added this option to a collection of two esports events with a total odds of 1.90.

In addition, PARI analysts give a 1.40 chance that NiP will be able to win at least one card. You can bet on a “dry” victory of the Swedish team with a coefficient of 4.40. Also, the probability of NaVi winning both pistol rounds on the first map is estimated at 3.50.

BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2023 will take place January 19-29 in Copenhagen, Denmark. 12 teams compete for a prize pool of $177.5K, as well as travel to the Spring Finals 2023.

Source: Cybersport Metaratings


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