“Riot” is a registered trademark of Riot Games.

Riot, a trademark of Riot Games

The trademark can be viewed on the Justia Trademarks website. It is public domain, so it cannot be said that you are unaware of such a trademark – especially since Riot Games is a well-known company in the gaming industry.

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Riot Squad Esports

Riot Squad Esports is an American esports organization founded in March 2019. She has a team in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Riot Games believes the “Riot” particle is misleading to players familiar with the company. In his lawsuit, he wants to force Riot Squad Esports to change its name and pay damages.

Team logo below.

Polygon released the full text of the lawsuit. You read it below.

Riot Squad Esports did not address the entire situation.

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Riot vs Riot Squad by Polygondotcom on Scribd

What does it mean to have a brand?

In short – this is the registration and reservation of the use of a specific name (usually in a specific industry); shows that this name is associated with a specific brand. This makes it easier to stand up for your rights in court – for example, no one can argue that Ashe is not a member of the League.

A trademark is not the same as a copyright. You can’t copyright the word “riot” (the word itself doesn’t qualify as a work, it’s already in the language), but you can own a trademark.

A trademark is registered to a certain extent. For example, the name can be entered as text on T-shirts so you can still create such a band or such a game. A trademark is usually registered in several categories.

So you can’t use words now because someone is going to claim your rights?

When a name for a new character is found, Riot Games – after an initial selection of more than 100 suggestions and the best 10-25 – checks again whether the names are not protected by trademark law. Taalea was a suggested name for it

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Taliyah – was rejected as the name is a bottled water brand in Russia.

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The situation with Riot Squad is very understandable. Riot Games is the most famous eSports company – Worlds Tournament is the most popular eSports tournament in the world. The appearance of a team called “Riot” clearly indicates that it may be created or sponsored by Riot Games (SK Telecom T1 was created with financial help from the telecommunications company SK Telecom). Can you imagine that Barcelona team will perform together with the sports clubs Legia Warszawa or Korona Kielce in Poland?

One of the scandals in Wykop involved a surname as a trademark. The woman registered on the portal as malgorzata croup and asked the croup user to change her nickname, which was taken from one of the fantasy stories. She argued that her name is a special trademark – there are few people with her name in Poland, and therefore she does not want to be associated with the activities of the croup user on Wykopie. Although there was speculation that the find would be removed, it is still available and Kruppe still has his nickname. Once the woman asked him to show his ID. Would she have asked for it?

The key term is “misleading”

The name should not be misleading. “Riot” in “Riot Squad” in Esports Team is misleading. For example, a game studio that would be called “Riot Plays” is misleading. Businesses want to enforce their rights… and they have every right to do so.

On the other hand, I don’t think Riot Games can sue the steel company “RiotPol” for example. These are completely different industries. However, it would be good if the manufacturer could justify why they chose such a name and show that they do not want to use the reputation of a well-known brand and that the name means something to them.

Normally, such matters are settled only in mutual agreement – ​​a message is sent requesting a name change. If the other party does not respond to this, they should expect a lawsuit.

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cs go, riot, span, span

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