One of the most distinctive features of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is skins. They were introduced to the game in 2012 with the Arms Deal update, and immediately won the hearts of players.

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What are CS:GO Skins?

From a technical point of view, CS:GO skins are graphic files with textures applied to weapon models available in CS:GO, effectively changing their appearance. Depending on the skin type, it can significantly or slightly change the appearance of the weapon, using contours and geometry to emphasize the features of a particular model.

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The undoubted advantage of skins is their diversity. So everyone will find something for themselves: from subtle patterns based on the army, partisans or special units, to elegant, clean designs, to completely crazy and colorful depictions of mythical creatures, animals and people or complete abstractions.

Skins are also money

Widespread popularity and the process of introducing new skins to the market means that each of the available skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a certain value that can be measured in US dollars. As such, skins can be earned in more than one way.

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Each of the newly introduced skins goes in the box. While it is at least theoretically possible to drop such a skin as a random post-match reward or to increase your own rank, in practice we only get pennies worth of skins this way. However, to increase your chances of getting rarer and more beautiful skins, which will almost certainly be much more expensive than the regular one, you need to open some cases. Each chest has a number of skins from which one will drop randomly, as there are relatively few expensive and rare skins.

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How to convert skins to keys

However, there is a catch. To open such a chest, we need the right key that belongs to the chest. And keys can be purchased from Valve for $2.50 each. Given the statistical probability that opening a given case will give us a given CS:GO skin, we can calculate the average number of times we need to open the case to be statistically certain that a given skin is present . And since we need keys to do this, we can calculate a base value that is mathematically assigned to each sheet rather than the exact price. No wonder some skins cost several hundred or even several thousand dollars when we need about 300 keys worth $2.50 each to statistically drop this one.

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Other variables in price

Of course, such a conversion of the value from skins to keys only works as a starting point for further changes to the value. Skin prices also change depending on which weapon the skin is and how popular it is.

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For example, if the weapon associated with a particular skin is a popular and commonly used weapon, it is more of a situational weapon than a first choice. After all, if we’re going to run with a particular weapon most of the time anyway, it would be nice to have our favorite skin for it, right?

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The second variable, popularity, is much more difficult to formalize. In theory, of course, this is the ratio of the number of people who find a given skin very beautiful to the number of people who find the same skin uninteresting, overrated or just plain ugly. A good example is AUG | Akihabara Accept or P90 | Killed by Kitty.

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Sell ​​skins

If we already have a set of valuable skins or in the “hunt” for our dream skins we collect a whole collection of skins that we don’t know what to do with, it can be a good idea to simply discard unnecessary and unused skins sell Skins from your Steam account inventory. There are several options in this area.

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First, the Steam Community Market, the Steam Marketplace. It is a marketplace built into the Steam platform and used for the intra-system exchange of digital goods such as skins for various games or card games. The Steam market is characterized by very high security and speed of the transactions themselves. As a seller, you might be happy to know that the Steam marketplace also has the highest prices. The problem is the lower number of buyers. High prices, combined with a 15% tax on each transaction paid by the buyer, make it difficult for us to sell more unique (expensive) items. Additionally, Steam is a closed financial ecosystem. This means that the money you make from using the Steam market and selling skins this way goes into your private Steam wallet where you cannot withdraw it to a bank account or credit card in any way. The money earned in this way can be used to buy new skins, cards or games on the Steam platform.

An alternative to the Steam platform could be several private and unrelated marketplaces. As a rule, prices on such markets are 20-30% lower than on the Steam market, but on most of these platforms you can withdraw the money earned in various ways: PayPal, WebMoney, Skrill, Payoneer or crypto- currencies such as Ethereum or Bitcoin. Unfortunately, the security on such sites is also much lower. A careless trader can easily become a victim of one of the scam bots posing as the official bots of a particular market, so any person trading should always be vigilant. Another alternative could be mass storage facilities. They are very safe but offer low purchase prices. Their main advantage is instant transactions and near real-time withdrawals. SkinWallet is a website designed for selling CS GO skins in bulk deposit system. As the creators themselves say, this is an ideal service for people who need to earn money quickly.

Make your skin or how to make millions

There is another way to earn CSGO skins – and that is by creating your own skins. These are of course skins approved by Valve and added to one of the boxes, officially introducing them to the skins ecosystem. How much does an artist earn?

Designer Christ Le, better known as CLeGFC, admitted in one of his live interviews that in the past a skin created by a member of the CS:GO community was approved by Valve and added to the game for the author s profit could raise about $40,000. . Currently, the best skins are said to generate annual income in the five or even six figures. This is the result of the percentage obtained from the sale of each key for the box with the specific skin, as well as from each transaction in which the specific skin was sold.

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We already know that creating your own skins is worth it. But how do you make them? It requires a good knowledge of CSGO players’ taste, play style and weapon models, as well as graphics programs and idea. In addition, you should be very happy if players become aware of their skin in the Steam Workshop and are “raised” to the first page of the workshop by voting. Otherwise, no one at Valve will notice you and ignore your skin. If you don’t have graphics processing skills, but think you have a good idea, maybe it would be good to find someone who can implement that idea for you? Such actions in duos have been popular since the beginning of trading CSGO skins.

For die-hard individualists, we include a tutorial from one of the manufacturers.

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