Who said support always goes to the bot and an ADC has to be there? The division of roles also takes place in CS:GO. We rarely see anyone playing support. Or maybe you see yourself in that role, but what does support really do in Counter-Strike?

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  • KennyS and Olofm nominated for Player of the Season.

General rules

First, when you have an advantage, don’t start playing aggressively, so you don’t lose it by leaning on your opponent unnecessarily. At least if you don’t have a friend next to you who can trade that kill. If both teams have the same number of players alive, the trade kill will always favor the T’s, as the CT team has one less player and two more spots to guard. Try to play matches with at least one friend and always stand in the same place. Then create a synergy that benefits your team. For example, always try to go together to site A or B on the CT side, which also helps to increase the coverage of the BS. Most importantly, don’t try to be a hero. CS:GO is a team game, there are 4 other people to help you win the round.

CT side

On the CT side, it is much easier to play support due to the defensive advantage that can be used in a variety of ways. One is to position yourself as an “observer” in a place and not move away from it. As enemies get close to the second bomb site, your teammates will start turning to help you, but you’ll stay put until you have a clear readout of where the terrorist with the bomb is approaching. You will probably have to play more claws, but you will help your team a lot. Since you will often be guarding the BS yourself, positioning is very important so you don’t get killed easily and leave the place in enemy hands. In a good place, you should have time to reload your weapon, as well as the opportunity to hit the enemy from different sides. Here are some examples of good places:

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  • New Box, Trojki – B-Site on Inferno
  • Pit – a side on Inferno
  • Bank, Bank – B Site on Mirage
  • Triple box, smoke, one Mirage side
  • Pit lung A, substance 2

Another important thing is not to build every round in the same place. After all, the enemy will counter your position, for example by throwing a Molotov on it. Try to defend the site in different positions. For example, if you’re going to B on Inferno by yourself, have someone on the team throw a cigarette at Banana, and position yourself so you can see if someone walks through. When the smoke clears, retreat to a safe position. Your goal is not to kill as many enemies as possible, but to slow them down enough for your teammates to turn to help.

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T side

The T-side is so much harder to support that you have to coordinate with your teammates ever more carefully. When you flash and smoke for your teammates, you help them conquer the terrain faster and easier. However, smoke must be thrown perfectly to cover the entire area. If even a small crack appears, you can do more damage to the team than if you hadn’t smoked at all. You can also help by looking at smoke grenades that have already been thrown to see if any of the opponents have chosen YOLO and are out of them. In this role, you are usually the surviving player. If anyone on your team is still alive, position yourself to cover them or the bomb you placed. It is best to do the crossfire, for example in Inferno in location B, one person stands in threes, the other in the darkroom. Avoid putting two people in one position, although this sometimes works and can surprise the opponent.

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If you are in a 1vsX situation, make sure the placed bomb explodes. Play for time, kill the defuser, then hide again, throw a Molotov, etc. In a 1v1 situation, when you hear the enemy start to defuse, wait 2-3 seconds before leaning out. If he faked, you just wasted his precious disarm time, after which he has to return to win the round.

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throw grenades

Throwing grenades is one of the most important tasks for a support player. Flashbangs come first, then smoke grenades, then Molotovs. The order in which grenades are thrown is: smoke, flash, molotov/incendiary, shrapnel. There are some dos and don’ts.

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For starters – Lightning bolt. Your goal is to skillfully throw it so that it blinds the opponent while being careful not to blind any teammates. A good example is positioning yourself at the banana behind the bags of cement in Inferno while your teammate positions himself next to the car. Then you throw a lightning bolt so it explodes right next to the car. Then approaching terrorists will be blinded and your friend can easily shoot them. Remember, if there’s a chance you’re going to Flash someone on your team, please provide the details of where you’re going to throw the Flash. Then the other can simply turn away from him.

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Next comes a smoke grenade. Its two main uses are to block key routes to the CT side’s location and cover the T side’s crossfire locations. When you play the T side, you want to position yourself in certain spots and throw it so that it always lands perfectly in that spot itself. On the CT side, you usually throw it in the middle of corridors, doors or tunnels. If you want to play support regularly, set up a private game and practice throwing grenades so there isn’t a gap for opponents to take out. If you do not know how to throw a smoke perfectly, it is better not to throw it at all, so as not to get out of this hole.

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Finally, the Molotov/incendiary grenade and the HE (fragment) grenade. They are used for similar purposes. On the T-side, they are thrown to force the counter-terrorist to leave their current position, for example from Threes to Inferno or Benches to Mirage. As with the smoke, there are several methods of throwing the perfect grenade, but here you can also throw it directly at the target, which has the same effect.

However, on the CT side, these shells are used to damage or simply slow down terrorists walking through vital corridors. They will often be thrown with another party member to deal more damage or even kill an opponent if they are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Frag grenades are also used to take down low HP enemies.

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These are some simple tips for playing as a support player. I hope this guide will help you improve your skills at least a little and make sure that CS:GO is no longer just about shooting your opponent and throwing grenades everywhere.

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