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What is the highest CSGO Crash win ever?

If you search for the “biggest CSGO crash wins” on YouTube, you’ll get a lot of confusing results, and most of them haven’t won more than x1,000. So, in order to find what has been the biggest CSGO crash win ever, we did our own research – and here’s what we found.

The biggest CSGO Crash multiplicators ever recorded

We checked the Crash records from the main websites such as Roobet and CSGORoll, and we found that the biggest CSGORoll crash multiplicator ever was 1,321,643.25x… we are talking about multiplying your trade more than 1 million times.

Did someone win that prize? That’s something we cannot tell, but someone lucky enough could have ridden that round until multiplying their trade by the thousands, or perhaps even by a million times.

Now, talking about Roobet, things got even more crazy. Two years ago, the Crash game at Roobet registered a massive multiplicator of 2,244,166.56x, that’s over 2 million, enough to make you a millionaire in theory if you happened to trade just $1 dollar.

It’s clear that millionaire multiplicators come by, but according to the statistics, your chances of scoring such a high multiplicator are less than 0.001%. The chances are against you, but since this game is sort of a psychological experiment, most won’t take this into account and just keep playing without a solid wagering strategy in place.

The other side of millionaire multiplicators…

Let’s suppose you placed a bet of $1 dollar and you happened to get out with a multiplicator of 1,000,000x… that would make you a millionaire *technically*, but the reality would be completely different. All the crash games come with their own limits when we talk about profits. If you scored such a multiplicator at Roobet, your prize would have been topped off at $20,000 USD.

All the platforms come with their own profit limits, so make sure to check them out before placing a bet.

Technically, the biggest Crash wins ever are between $10,000 and $50,000, which are the most popular max. profit limits on the main CSGO Crash sites.

Now that you know this, it’s clear that you won’t become a millionaire overnight by playing CSGO Crash. You can score some pretty big lucky wins, but that’s it. The max profit limits are also something you need to consider, because even if you score a 1,000,000x multiplicator, you won’t be taking a million bucks home any time soon. 

What YouTube has to say about the biggest CSGO Crash wins

The results on YouTube are chaotic to say the least, perhaps because Crash is still a novelty in the world of wagering. However, after checking several videos, everything seems to support our claims that the max wins have been between $10,000 to $50,000.

For example, the user “exillion” on YouTube published a video named “TOP 4 – BIGGEST CRASH WINS | +20,000$ IN TOTAL” – and as the title clearly gives away, the max win was over $20,000 USD.

Most of the other videos are just below the $10,000 mark, and that’s what we’d expect, since most of the multiplicators crash below 10.00x. And the evidence even tells us that the majority of crashes happen at 1.00x or below. That’s not very encouraging, but this is the real nature of the game.

And what about the biggest losses?

Because the game is so risky and volatile, it’s easier to find big losses than big wins. That’s the nature of the game. For example, the user “6wrldd” uploaded a video showing how Adin Ross lost over $50,000 USD in less than 5 minutes playing Crash. 

When playing Crash, it’s good to remember examples such as Adin Ross’s experience, so that you can cash out your winnings on time and cut bad streaks as soon as possible.


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