Top 5 CSGO Pro Players With The Best Stats


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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is an immersive first-person shooter game. It was developed as a continuation of the CS 1.6, which also recorded colossal success when it was released. This logical game went from local game rooms to the international scene, where players competed worldwide. 

Since CSGO gained prominence online, players no longer played just for fun; everyone wanted to be professionals. Fast forward to 2022, the game has become one of the most populated on eSports after Dota 2 and League of Legends. Pro players make thousands and millions of dollars from various CSGO matches. 

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As the competition rises yearly, newer and better CS GO players, matches, events, and tournaments will always be worldwide. Below are some of the finest and most skillful CSGO players who have proven their abilities over the years:

Oleksandr Kostyliev (s1mple)

Many might argue that the early controversies surrounding s1mple contributed to his remarkable career. But this witty and smart player has got lots of skills other pro players need to work hard to gain. S1mple made CS: GO a lot simple with his unique gameplay. Although he had a rough start in the industry, getting caught up in cheating controversies, nasty on-stream remarks, etc.

s1mple got the most out of his career when he left Team Liquid (without any trophy) and signed with NAVI. Since this legendary move, s1mple went on to stack 21 MVP medals and many trophies. He’s one of the best players fans can rely on when staking on CS GO betting websites. He has created a legacy that other pro CSGO players will strive to meet. You 

Nicolai Reedtz (dev1ce)

Sometimes called the ‘Mr. Consistent’ on CSGO matches, dev1ce has had a great run in the CSGO world. After starting as any ordinary player, he went on to win it all with his team. He has 19 MVP medals, coming second only to s1mple. He also has over 30 international trophies and is four times major winner. 

Although he has difficulty coming first in Top 20 games, dev1ce still manages to take the second position. He’s simply the best awpers to ever make an appearance on CSGO matches, which is why viewers rely on him for their predictions on CSGO betting sites. This youngster is an embodiment of success. He overcame many hurdles to become one of the most reputable players in the world despite battling health problems. 

Mathieu Herbaut (ZywOo)

Only a few players can storm the CSGO space and make a name for themselves. ZywOo is one of this tiny minority. After coming into the spotlight, he competed against many pro players in his first year. He won the title as the best player in two consecutive years (2019 and 2020). Many heated debates compare ZywOo to s1mple since they had tough competition for the world’s best title. 

He was rejected by G2 eSports in 2018 but later signed with Vitality in the same year. So far, ZywOo has 12 MVP medals from 6 online tournaments. Although he still has some space to fill in the house trophy cabinet, he has grabbed a handful of CSGO trophies that puts him ahead of many other players worldwide. 

Marcelo David (coldzera)

Like ZywOo, coldzera is also a two-time world champion. He joined the teeming CSGO community in 2014, and the Brazilian player has gained popularity since then. His professional career started at Luminosity, and he has gathered back-to-back Majors over the years. He also has MVP medals in his collections. However, in some of his recent and upcoming games, he’s been considered a beast no one wants to play against. 

He’s been winning since his days at Luminosity. He has brought the victorious spirit to FaZe Clan and various other tournaments. He now has eight MVP medals, reaching the peak of his career in 2016 and 2017 consecutively. He’s also one of the best pro players to bank on when you bet on betting sites CSGO most viewers use.

Nikola Kovac (NiKo)

NiKo is another CS: GO prodigy known for his mind-blowing strategies and bull’s-eye aims. He started his CS: GO career playing with iNation, but his skill soon outgrew the team, and he had to move to FaZe Clan and then to G2 eSports. However, throughout his career, he’s demonstrated class and expertise. 

The only dent in his exciting career is the need for major trophies. But his overall records can compare to dev1ce and even s1mple, making him an exciting prospect on CSGO betting sites. In addition, he’s considered to be one of the best riflers out there, with adept team control and attention to every game detail.


CS: GO remains one of the most exciting games in eSports. Today, the game earns millions of dollars in revenue for players and viewers who deposit and play on CSGO betting sites.

Although new players will always rise, it takes a high talent, practice, and dedication to making this list of top pro players. It takes even more to gather the best stats in the world of thousands of CSGO players.

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