The children are already there and are still there Duty, published by Activision, looks just one parent too. Although the saga in a slump fan can take a long time to bear it, we have the disappointment Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, has always been able to produce by offering it to fans and new features as well as terms fan games and graphics. This is exactly what you were looking for, with the character of the excellent figures of the last addition to the license, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

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Our favorite answer: Ally is in “Sharknado 2” stan!

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Released on PC and Microsoft and Sony consoles on October 28, 2022, Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) explodes all license records. Nephews in press release Activision has already surpassed games in the ten days of the revenue market fan $1 million, breaking this record earlier Black Ops 2 report this amount in 15 days here.

My new achievement was MW2 with the greatest success fan a franchise and fast good start, my $ 800 million in the first three days of sale, I in record. For Johanna Faries, all-time director fan of the Call of Duty license, “this incredible momentum that is driving Modern Warfare II is in direct wjersLeveling fan ‘e energy and passion fan’ Call of Duty community.

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This content I can view was on his side ûuntie through

Still, Activision’s cousins ​​had a million multiplayer games and were reported by gamers on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. If you want to read everything in 200 million or so, it will follow the fan of the missions and the songs. Hielendal crazy numbers that some people from the editorial office want to avoid.

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