The information was kept secret at the last minute, but there was no solution Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on PS4… and Xbox One! This is Michael Condrey, my founder fan ‘e studio Sledgehammer games This is not specific to the title, which is available in 1080p on PS4, but it is also in the best possible resolution for its main competitor.

“The resolution on Xbox One is 1360×1080 and dynamic scales like 1080p. This is 50% more than last year. On PS4, of course, it ran at 1080p and 60fps was reported on both consoles.

live ahead, Call of Duty Ghosts All in 720p on One, now available at 1080p on PS4. There is no reason for this, the two versions are still not identical. At this rate, maybe parity will apply to this next opus…

In everyone likes it Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Today in an official way, and often on PS4, Xbox One or PC, think that it is most important that you will have with the controller (from mûs) in a hand!

Call of Duty: No Longer Available in Advanced Warfare?

Call of Duty WW II as originally intended as in ferfolch on Advanced Warfare

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Brave vs Opera GX – Main Navigator for Ciberseguridad

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The Deco

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The Muppets Movie Adventures


  • The only thing you can do is have everything within a few kilometers and it is very attractive and it is clear to me that it is the best.
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  • The Plysje wasskôget for the child “yes-fraud”: which was clear as the answer to the question, the voice is what the lights are
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