Sony organizes in tournament in cooperation with Activision Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for all PlayStation players, the start is planned for April 19 at noon. The official barren was on the sheet of 256 European teams in the first half of the year.
I have not yet announced the rewards, registrations are possible within and close on Friday April 17.

However, certain conditions are part of taking part in the tournament:

  • Be in PlayStation Plus cover
  • Be in European
  • Make in team fan 4 players
  • Play on PlayStation 4

Once all the conditions have been entered, all you have to do is go to this address to read the rules and register to see other soldiers you’ve entered, my controller in hand, if you like one. I heard within, what willekeurich was lured to do mei.

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  • For 14 euros you can have many fans and read Super Mario games available for Nintendo Switch, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
  • In no case is it possible to use a video game sector. If you invest in the trap, you want to leave the ordering fan and the flowers
  • NASA’s Lucy probe takes a picture of the fans and the asteroid Dinkinesh primordial. Surprise: It’s not an asteroid, that’s for sure
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  • The Penguin has another fan strike: the Batman spin-off series rights to the eccentric villain premieres

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