This is the most powerful MAC 10 class in Call of Duty Warzone post-nerf.

We bring you the best configuration for MAC-10 for Call of Duty Warzone, in machine gun that is in your favorite fan ‘e community, and more if you have legendary variant.

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the MAC-10 It’s capable of switching and dominating mid-range in all of our encounters in Call of Duty Warzone, favoring aggressive lanes due to its high rate of fire, but you can go a lot further if we know how to best configure them. choose

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You can say that the MAC-10 is by far the best SMG in the game, but in many users the noch just gets it out, to not only opt for the net configurations, that’s why it was made to make this handling the best way to handle it if it is the best to perform in the battle.

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It’s me legendary version of MAC-10 that your unlocks match the level 94 of the battle, and these are the ones we have and we recommend that you achieve, but if you only manage to unlock them, you can find them as land loot in your playful

This is the most powerful MAC 10 class in Call of Duty Warzone post-nerf

The principle is that the configuration of the algorithms is not without a use:

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  • Agency silencer
  • 15 cm gun propulsion
  • Raider’s inventory
  • patrol treaty
  • Stanag 53 Drum

This configuration allows us to roll the recoil fan, so that we can get the bullets better, which we can target with greater precision if we have the fijân in all the distance, so it is perfect for mid-range.

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We have in free consistent magazine and more than enough to take cells in pear fijannen per attack, so that you can directly fight in the area may service anners without having to load it weapon and exposed in pear second.

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In the principle that my configuration achieves, and if you have the legendary version that is better, it is to get significant recoil, this efficiency is both at a short and medium range, and it is possible at least to confront may it essentially fernear in pear. fan service members without hiding or carrying a gun.

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Utainlik is still the use and the deadly equipment, and it is not as follows:

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  • Pros: juicier, too full mids and boosted
  • Lethal and Tactical Apparatus: C4 Explosive and Deer Sensor

So in our opinion it is the best MAC-10 class fan Call of Duty Warzone. Just miss other guides, the best configuration to equip the FAMAS and look up in submachine gun, it is not the best weapon fan Call of Duty Warzone not the second nerf fan ‘e DMR-14, how is it and deadly shotgun is not. called Streetsweeper unlocks Call of Duty Warzone, the best and deadliest to use in Call Duty Warzone (December 2020), where the Call of Duty Warzone ker and mysterious station is not inside, how do you the Call weapons. or Duty blueprint get Warzone Rebirth: Where’s the briefcase and the door codes how to watch the last 3 fan Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War (no spoilers) how to play classic arcade games in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, it is not the case in Chaos in Red Circle, is not all the optional goals to complete than the combination of the secret room that can be in a CIA barn in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

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