The Black Ops series, which has not more than 200 million players, returns on October 12 in a completely new state. Call of Duty partners with Blizzard Entertainment from Black Ops 4 and brings new players to! It’s time to arm yourself because Black Ops is back! The series that was the most played series in the entire history of the Call of Duty franchise, like me in a cultural phenomenon around the world, returns on October 12, May the arrival of Call of Duty: Black Ops on May 4 realistic, groundbreaking and full of mass collisions. Black Ops 4 has raised the bar for multiplayer in non-tactical games for players to the next level, with the biggest Zombies experience to date, with three complete game modes from launch, and Blackout, a mode in which it howl Black Ops universe- Fan Ops has a life in the exchange Battle Royale experience of my picture-perfect characters and maps from all four Black Ops games combined into one unique experience. Published by Activision and created by award-winning studio Treyarch, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 transforms the universe known by millions of fans into the best gaming experience in franchise history like no other.

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Screenshots fan it games: “Black Ops 4 will give our community even more chance to have that you can have my friends and Treyarch like no other. It introduces in gashear fan great innovations for every element fan gameplay, used in a new tactical team-based multiplayer mode, the biggest zombies to no ta, and Blackout, the biggest map in a Call of Duty franchise history Het. yn in rich Black Ops universe,” is Rob Kostich, EVP and GM fan of Call of Duty brand. “More than 200 million players have called Black Ops their second home, where it’s no more than 15 billion soldiers. It’s in a tremendous community, it’s not a crying team.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 debuts October 12 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Fans ask to order in get access to the private beta*. Black Ops 4 for PC offers in optimal practices not exclusively available on, the online fan of Blizzard Entertainment, for the first time in a history fan’ and Call of Duty franchise.

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It’s games revealed today at a live community event available in 10 languages, where Activision and Treyarch unveiled the final game while sharing plenty of gameplay details.

Call of Du: Black Ops 4 gritty, gritty, real-life combat planned to match may new options for tactical game planning and extremely new game planning, has more than possible weapons, and modes for ultimate online Black Ops experience. It is included in the Pick 10 system that comes when flushed, my plan is to use it in controlling the wave, the stream current, the sun and the movement of the player. Black 4 dükts Ophaal as ea in it multiplayer, and providers the chance for the world fan ‘e specialists to know – wa’t se binne, why se bestan watter, feldslaggen se viewing – and controlskje se troch in various a feldslaggen on the field games play solo and with other players. Black Ops 4 has a mix of new and returning specialists, each with unique weapons, gear and resulting gameplay styles. Players will be powerful within forces, but devastating as the team has become.

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“Black Ops 4 is the most ambitious title our team has each,” said Dan Bunting, co-chief fan of Treyarch. “At its core, the Black Ops series has always challenged convention and boldly introduced gameplay in new real name. Mei Black’s 4 has experience designed for all winning types and skills, fans from casual players to pros.

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It is a 10-year jubilee Call of Duty Zombies fan, Black Ops 4 in howling did not use the Zombies mode, and players offer more than a previous in history fan a series, fan’ and the release. We’re talking about just under three Zombie missions: IX, Voyage of Despair and Blood of the Dead. My immersive adventures, so there are no heroes in brutal fijan, Black Ops 4 Zombies delivers level gameplay in popular peach chains. This game I have the widest way to play fans, make new systems for it and complete fan social challenges, in social systems designed to connect players. Black Ops 4 brings the tutorial again to introduce new players to a world of zombies, such as the difficulty levels, by giving hardcore players halted more challenging challenges. The following is the best fan of the zombie game in the recorded ratfette: This is a new Zombie Rush mode that is not the best fan of the game.

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In addition to multiplayer and Zombies, the developers present Blackout – in a new Battle Royale experience that combines rapid and fluid combat with iconic locations known to fans of Black Ops, extra special specials for the needs of fans of grusskaliche chaos. Blackout is in a completely new experience never seen before in the Call of Duty game as the mode of the players used to collect, plan and constantly compete for survival. Blackout has the best map in Call of Duty history – 1,500 of you are huge fans of Nuketown – and players think and play as classic Black Ops heroes and characters from my Zombies Origins. Collje in team or only, players will find themselves on a multipleslachfield of unprecedented scale and will have a variety of land, loft and wet cars at their disposal. Commonly, Black Ops cards have crowned in a wide arsenal, resulting in a crying way of playing Call of Duty.

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“The Black Ops Mineship means everything to us, so we knew that to use the prize as the biggest map in Call of Duty history to our fans, we had to have our ark and the limit three,” said Mark Gordon, my song fan Treyarch. . “The same goes for the PC minesweeper. It is planned to say that there are no problems on the computer: fan tawijd servers and complete files or complete optimal finish and it is not important for the Black Ops and series.

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The PC version was developed with Treyarch and gear with my Beenox team, and both of them worked on my Blizzard gear with Black Ops 4 to optimize it for the platform. Black Ops 4 has the largest dedicated PC development team in a franchise. Black Ops 4 for PC version my frame rate grin in 4K and HDR, sets ultra-wide images, and all players wide options for in measure and visual quality to unique hardware. choose players choose from in choice to configurations, and loft options, and can fit it keyboard and mûs settings fit waiting easen. Treyarch and Beenox also worked with the Blizzard team on behalf of most fans of’s social systems, which was good and server stability since they were Black Ops 4 when they launched on October 12th.

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* Platform availability and dates subject to change. The private personal admiration of the platform. Details: Beta tests last at least 3 days. Tagong is behind and is available as specific fan beta codes distributed by select retail partners. Internet access is.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is published by Activision, but also by fans of Activision Blizzard (Nasdaq: ATVI), and produced by Treyarch and other developers that help fans of Raven Software and PC products that help fans of Beenox. For more information on the latest news fan Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, work, and follow @Treyarch and @CallofDuty on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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