Call of Duty: Mobile is currently available on April 28 at 2pm BST Season 4: Wild Dogs start.

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Timed season 4 players will have chances to get 50 fans from Battle Pass fans, which is no more than an inventory. There is no premium quality, common operators like Farah – Desert Warden and Ghost – Apparition, it functions Koshka weapon, in nij. This whole season was grenades, weapon blueprints, business cards, charms, COD points (CP) and near Frijjún.

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It is true that a fan likes to read the main points of the fan Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4: Feral Dogs on Android and iOS:

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  • Battle Royale Map Change: Sandstorm – Season 4 offers no way to play Battle Royale, where there is no good and evil in it and only the nature fans ‘e services. In sandstorm battle, keurich will in generous wild areas. Players who don’t enter the sandstorm must hurricanes forarcome to the value too much, but and special items can be achieved in that event.
  • There are no maps

Satellite – First in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the satellite map is set in its central Africa where the US KH-9 satellite crashed. One side of this large map is completely open, and offers vantage points on both low and high positions, constructed as trenches. Grotto can be found all over the map.

Khandor Hideout – original fan Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare (2019), this versatile mid-sized map has cover locations, use in mark, beacon tour, lookout and garage.

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  • Nij Themed Event: Eye of the Sandstorm – In unnatural sandstorm forms are in a middle fan’ e desert, which does not affect oil production on the map. Fijanske forces use this storm in raking and take important positions for oil extraction. Players on the map fight in a battle for these quay areas and must work to extract oil to win and take it fan ‘e fijân. It follows from missions, it builds fan nodes, and siphoning oil will advance the barren, leading to rewards in the game.
  • New MS Mode: Ground War – Call of Duty: Mobile players can play no large-scale infantry and auto battle in a new multiplayer mode Ground War. Ground War is in fan favorite mode developed in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) and is not available on new map Satellite and Aniya Palace.
  • New MS Tournament Mode – How Will It Rank? Players can’t fight the top in a multiplayer tournament mode! The mode and with it the battle for the epic DL Q33 – Red Imp and the Shadow Blade – Red Imp-kin was started by the “Tournament” button in the lobby! The best players became the leaderboard.
  • Stage 2 fan it World Championship begins – Players who are not qualified in Stage 1 cannot play any gear and ranked matches to qualify for Stage 3 fan it 2022 Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship and the chance to win a total increase fan ‘ e prize pool more than two million dollars. Stage 2 fan it world championship starts on 12 May and lasts until 22 May. Find follow-up details on ‘e website fan’ and championship, general follow-up registration information.

Players can host fan updates and improvements to the game, as well as new season challenges, lure draws, bundles and more – available in the store by launch or later this season.

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