Ien fan ‘e most awaited games fan this year is about to en activity or Call of Duty: Mobile is available. We don’t know all the classes you can’t choose in the game and no information is available for the map that will take the activity franchise in the first mobile exclusive.

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yes the inn eat it is really important in this kind of fan stuff is the mapCall of Duty: Mobile has a number of famous fans who are not always famous.

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All Call of Duty: Mobile maps

In Call of Duty: Mobile, we have a large number of iconic cards from other franchises such as Modern Warfare and Black Ops. Nuketown, Crash and Hijacked still in the game have no information about or 5 cards fan the 7 new expected.

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  • Crossfire: «In a small town in the desert. Yintinse internal kajdtjen and swier schitten ». Bring your sniper rifle in this street battle. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’s map has been changed, with smell, built-in structures (with shotguns in good selection inside) flanked by two tall buildings on each side and fanning it Z-shaped road.
  • accept keep: “Border town between Sinai and Kyrgyzstan. Ferplichtingen and classical skill to fight”. I’m known by Black Ops III fans as Outlaw, this map originally debuted in Black Ops II has a variety of narrow hideouts, superior structures favorable for the Long-range gunfighter, and main map arranged in walled perimeter for the infiltration fan the other playing styles.
  • crashing down: “In an abandoned city. Great for team games. In classic map fan Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, this map has blind corners, helicopter crashes, rusty barrels, narrow streets that overlook abandoned buildings, and places for snipers on it. Lethal actions are expected here during multiplayer matches.
  • Killhouse: “Speedball style warehouse interior. Ideal for small teams. As jo​in you have a symmetric card you want in central guard tour and jo in virk for fast games that can’t get shotguns, practice and in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’s Killhouse. That warehouse offers Sprek hiding places fan wood and concrete and has constant action.
  • Shooting Range: “Military training facility. Stirred dominatrix games. Travel to Cuba in this rework fan in original Black Ops map, easily seen in Black Ops 4. Wooden and wave barns, boring buildings, in musty tún and fried equipment that is not within a burning sense. This is in classic, chaotic map.

You are less sad than your fans Call of Duty: Mobile on our iPhone and iPad, which exists in compatible iOS devices.

The best thing you can do to make it harder to wait is to download these amazing Call of Duty wallpapers for your iPhone. And think that as you will Betas from View the latest information on the upcoming Activision game It is best if you register on the website.

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