Activision has released the details for the latest Call of Duty Black Ops 3 update, described for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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Some fans to play to choose music to choose players and multiplayer menus, better stability by accepting it invitations, and ensuring changes by playing it from zombies.

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The following patch notifications for Xbox One and PC are available here

Treyarch let me know via Twitter that it would be hosting it this weekend during Double Cryptokey Weekend.

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It’s in a wild party west… but it’s quiet, because you want to spend May in 2xCryptokey Wykein!

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— Treyarch Studios (@Treyarch) May 5, 2016

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  • The new option “Music tracks” is described in its menu. Players choose no music playing in a multiplayer frontend, or choose to have no music at all.
  • Updates of “100 Percenter” Calling Card art and nurses Dark Ops challenge not it main screen to his status as in “Challenge Master” which means to reflexion.
  • Improved stability by accepting fan in invitation without the title running.
  • Rankings are not possible.
  • In blunder repair by it back to the lobby fan in Custom Game match does the hardcore game rule in link like.
  • Better lobby stability through it games fan Awakening and Zombie cards.


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  • nomad
    • Rejack ability has no streak effect as it was used in Power Core Scorestreak.

Streak Scores

  • PowerCore
    • In problem repair where the Power Core in fijan HATR not so remote


  • infection
    • Front placed for the wood stack fans shed to close the sightline to the wall barrel.
  • hunt
    • In exploitation fixed where players were going into unintended area by the big guns.
    • Fixed issue where players in exploitable area could not reach the waterfall.
  • trespass
    • Address in exploitation speed the wall, north of the palace.
  • splash
    • Players’ kennet near the plate does not spawn in its starting area.

Game Modes

  • Custom Games
    • By works official CWL variants may have no restricted items.
  • arena
    • The following items are displayed in the arena.
      • floorboards
        • Branches
        • Sixth sentence
        • tracer
      • Streak Scores
        • fad
        • Ferhurde Sentinel
      • equipment
        • rice mine
        • shock boy
        • C4
    • New playlist “Scrim Series” created in Arena.
      • Play each of the official CWL game modes, maps and rule sets.
      • No Protect & Ban, no specialist design.
  • hardcore
    • In problem fixing we wouldn’t be able to control scorestreaks just meitelle for the limityt fan ‘e kill-kick fan it team.



  • In brek repairarre dy’t in loss fan functionality by activating it fan in GobbleGum machine.
  • In broken ears it is not fixed that it is menu item fixed.
  • In break it is the menu item that fixed it. Markers became Zombies.
  • Fixed in Theater clip with most of the track to freeze it with it Flü tests Evil on Shadows.
  • In the problem of repairs, we didn’t know if it was active or found the “In Plain Sight” GobbleGum.
  • Various fixes implemented for cases that failed in host migration.

Shadow of Evil

  • In stability problem fixed that bards by completing it fan it Peaskeaai.
  • Fuortsmite Beast mode is exhausted by in host migration.
  • In exploitation restores that allow the players the playable space.
  • In brek repair where the Margwa still plays would fix in Beast mode or while se de “In Plain Sight” GobbleGum use.

The giant

  • Fixed in XP exploitation related to this Fly Trap Easter egg.
  • Added missing animations for zombies affected by the “Pop Shocks” GobbleGum.
  • In rare accident you restore The Giant load.

The iron dragon

  • In a problem, it got an unhindered movement for customers who did not comply with an empty gravity.
  • In rare bug fixes in effects value FX that are on zombies while being consumed by the dragon.
  • In exploitation repair where the Ragnarok DG-4 was not used to use the time in missile test fire.


  • The new Create Public Game option has been added for DOA II in the lobby.
  • ROJ Guardian hits points clamped.
  • Silverback moves adjustments quickly. Reduce slowly 3%
  • Silverback uses / keatlingen special attacks more often.
  • Siegechicken auto timeout reduced fan 40 nei 30.
  • Siegechicken Vehicle tab in the Hangar bonus room.
  • Chicken aai sunens is interest.
  • Fortitude gives no single Siege vehicles (SiegeBot and FIDO) in timeout multiplier fan 1.75, reported fan 2.0.
  • Nuke pickup added to bonus rooms.
  • Adjust how fijân spieler doelen is selected.
  • The contact range of the Spider is reduced.
  • Reduced number of Electroskeleton spawns in some arenas.
  • Simple adjustments to how the electrical poles were placed and how they were distributed.

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