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Los Angeles Thieves dominate Atlanta FaZe, breaking 2-year CDL losing streak

The Los Angeles Thieves snapped a losing streak against the Atlanta FaZe to move on to three majors.

In the last two years of competition Obligations, LA Thieves could never defeat FaZe Atlanta. Although the Thieves came close and forced fives on the map, they were never able to close the streak.

That is, until the CDL squad discovered the case in New York.

The Thieves got off to a good start in their first LAN match with a clinical performance against Toscana. Dylan “The Envoy” Hannon was running around the map doing what he wanted and walked away with 34 kills and 20 kills for 1.7 KD.

Not only did Envoy have the highest KD in the lobby for the CDL map, they ended up with the highest damage at over 3500.

After completing the first map, the teams returned to Tuscany to seek and destroy, with the LA Thieves taking early control of Atlanta and finishing 6-2.

This time it was Kenny “Kenny” Williams who crushed FaZe’s ankles as he finished the map with a triple positive of 12 kills and four kills. Another round of Tuscany would see the Thieves sweep Atlanta’s FaZe in round five, but eventually FaZe would take the map and put them in the Berlin hotspot.

Like the first Hardpoint of the series, the LA Thieves revolved around Atlanta, with each individual Thieves player earning a shootout to win the hills. A few mounds in a row is all it took for the LA Thieves to push it over the edge and win 250-174.

It was Sam “Octane” LaRue who put the pressure on him on map four with 1.38 KD.

Source: Dot Esports


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